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At Lake & Coast, we’re more than just a real estate company; we’re ambassadors in the niche market of waterfront living. From serene lakefront properties to vibrant coastal residences, our portfolio is as diverse as the waters we admire. We believe in not just selling homes but in delivering a lifestyle that resonates with tranquility and luxury.


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A message from our Broker & Founder

Trent A Taylor - Broker

The landscape of our industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace, presenting a tapestry of uncertainties regarding the future for both property purchasers and buyer’s agents. At Lake & Coast, we stand at the ready to navigate these shifting sands, committed to empowering our agents to thrive amidst change. Our mission is to position our agents as vanguards of their respective markets, providing unparalleled support in marketing to secure listings and establish themselves as premier listing agents. Embark with us at Lake & Coast as we gaze forward, charting a course towards prosperity for our agents.

Join Our Team at Lake & Coast – Specialists in Waterfront Living

We’re looking for passionate real estate agents who share our vision of connecting people with their dream waterfront homes. Whether you’re experienced in lakeside cabins or coastal estates, or eager to dive into this unique market, Lake & Coast offers the perfect platform. With us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Expertise in a Niche Market: Specialize in a sought-after sector of real estate with an established brand.
  • Professional Growth: Benefit from our tailored training and support, designed to elevate your skills in luxury waterfront properties.
  • Collaborative Environment: Join a team of professionals who value teamwork, innovation, and exceptional service.
  • Competitive Rewards: Enjoy lucrative commission structures and rewards that reflect your dedication and success.

At Lake & Coast, your career is more than a job – it’s an opportunity to shape lives through the beauty of waterfront living. If you’re ready to make waves in your career, we’d love to hear from you.

Embark on a journey with us where every property tells a story, and every day brings a new tide of opportunities.

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